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Four LIVE yoga classes every week! Subscribe to my youtube channel and join me from tuesday till friday in hatha yoga and relax yoga as well as pranayama and meditation to experience the world of yoga. Click HERE for more details and timetable!

Vier live lessen via youtube van dinsdag t/m vrijdag! Abonneer op mijn kanaal om mee te doen met hatha yoga, relax yoga, pranayama en meditatie. HIER kun je meer informatie vinden over tijden.

4 thoughts on “Yoga video’s

  1. Hi Jen, my name is Craig, Dodgymonkey on You and Davids streams. quick question. can yoga be a useful tool for mental health problems. i’ve had depression and anx for over 20 years, recently been told i have PTSD. willing to try anything that helps. 🙂 Thanks

    1. Hi Craig, yoga can be very useful for mental health problems! It is very important however that you do this with a teacher, or as part of a program where you will be guided mentally because yoga can stir up a lot of emotions. I’m a mental health professional myself as well and if you want, we could do a private session once to see what could work for you and what would suit you best and then you can go from there. Love, jantien

  2. Hi Jen hope your well. Missing the videos on youtube. I started following you from Davids stream but find your videos really helpful i was wondering if you could help me out with some advice? I suffer alot with mental health issues and struggle day to day physically with a problem with my hip and was looking to see if there was anything that could be done thats not too much pressure on my hip joint.

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